28. June 2023
In this weeks issue I talk about the last few meetings and the bike issues I've been having. (Available in English and German)

14. June 2023
In this weeks issue, I talk about my comeback to racing and the challenges that I'm still facing. (Available in English and German)

22. May 2023
It has been an incredibly tough few weeks for me. In this issue of my newsletter I talk through the lengths I have been going to to try and get back to racing ways.

01. May 2023
This weeks issue provides an update on the medical help I have sought to try and get back to racing as soon as possible! (Available in English and German)

16. April 2023
This weeks issue covers my most recent medical issues and why I haven't been able to ride recently. (Available in English and German)

04. April 2023
An overview of how my first few meetings have gone and how I am feeling following those performances. (Available in English and German)

19. March 2023
An insight into how practice has gone for me and how I am feeling about my first meeting on the 23rd March! (English and German versions available)

02. March 2023
Looking ahead to the 2023 season and my goals for Landshut, Ipswich and Redcar! (English and German versions available)

17. February 2023
An update on my injury and thoughts ahead of the 2023 season. (English and German Versions)