About Me

 I started Speedway seven years ago. Unlike most other riders I did not start competing in junior classes, but after my father, 8x Longtrack world champion and therefore most successful rider of all times, had to end his career in 2010. I used to come and watch my dad race all the time and therefore it was no surprise that I also wanted to try out speedway and step in fathers footsteps.


End of 2011, I sat on a speedway bike for the first time on a little track on a field beside my parents House. And from then on everything went very quick. 2012 I started competing. In my first race season in 2012 I became 2nd in the German championship. The next success didn’t take long. 2013 I qualified myself for the Longtrack GP series and in 2014 the big sensation. At 18 years of age, I became the youngest Longtrack World champion of all times. The year After that i ran 2nd in the GP’s.

2016 I became world champion again and therefore youngest ever double world champion.


After my second world title, I wanted more. I wanted to be on the big stage - Speedway, in stadiums with up to 50.000 spectators, live on TV. I decided to turn my back on Longtrack and focus all my energy on my new Goal - Speedway World champion. Since 2017 I have invested my whole energy and time into speedway, and have made a name for myself in the british speedway leagues. My goal is to become one of the Top 5 riders in Great Britain. In 2019 I have won the individual riders Champion in the second british league and therefore I am known to be the best rider of the second league. The next step is to achieve the same in the top league.