Back In Business!

THE speedway season is almost here, and March finally sees Erik take to the track again for the first time in 5 months.


2022 promises to be a big year for Erik. He lines up to race for 3 teams; German side Landshut who line up in Polish League Division 1, and British sides Ipswich and Redcar who race in the Britain’s Premiership and Championship Leagues.


Speaking about the season ahead, Erik said “I’m feeling excited about the new challenges that I have. I’m in a very good place both physically and mentally and things have lined up perfectly for me so far. I now have a full-time mechanic in the UK which is a positive change for me, and everything is in place as it should be.”

March is going to get very busy very quickly for Erik, and he explains “This is the calm before the storm. I have 2 practice sessions in Macon, France this week before I head over to the UK for Press & Practice days with Redcar and Ipswich. I then have my first 3 matches at the end of the month, starting with a sparring match in Leszno on the 24th”.


Erik is lining up for 3 new clubs this year and he is looking forward to racing in the Polish leagues for the first time in a while.  “I’m really pleased to be racing back in Poland as I didn’t get to ride there last year; even in 2019 I only did 2 meetings and I sat out the whole of 2020 due to Covid-19.” 

He continued, “I’m really happy that Landshut have given me a chance this year, which is probably the best chance I’ve ever had to race in Poland. It’s hard for a rider to establish themselves in Poland and I’ve never managed to do that. This is a big opportunity for me and that is really exciting, so I’ve made a lot of investment over the winter to make sure that I am ready for it.”


Erik makes the switch from the Kings Lynn Stars to the Ipswich Witches after spending two and a half years racing for the Stars. “After 2021 I felt as though I needed a change as I didn’t have a good season with Kings Lynn. We parted in a good way which is good as I’ve always been close with the management there. I’m happy that they were very understanding.” 


He added, “I’m looking forward to racing for Ipswich. I like the track and have always done well when I have raced there as an opposing rider, so I’m really excited to put the Ipswich race suit on and to ride for the club”

Erik also makes a return to British Championship side the Redcar Bears, where he spent much of the 2019 season, after representing the Birmingham Brummies in 2021. “I love riding for Redcar, so it was a no-brainer for me to go back there when they asked me.” Erik was crowned as the Championship League Riders Champion at Sheffield whilst racing in Redcar’s colours in 2019, and also helped the club to win the KO Cup. “I’m very excited to return and I feel that is where I’m supposed to be and should have been last year really” he added.


Erik has one last message for his fans, “I feel good, I feel fit, and I feel calm, which is a good place for me to be in before the season. I just can’t wait to get on my bike.” 

Photo: Chris Simpson